Well, hello there!

Here, you’ll find my stories, articles, tips, interviews, and the occasional nonsensical item. (Categories are to the right.)

SarahFloresWriter.com is where you hire me for my amazing writing and editing services. You can also check out my other site, Sarah Sideways, if you’re looking for relationship advice.

Thanks for stopping by, and let’s connect on FB and Twitter. I love meeting new people. It’s sort of my thing.

My husband and I live in Texas with our two four-legged goldendoodle girls, Butters and Peanut, and our first two-legged little girl, Makena.

If you’re just dying to know a little more, here’s a Q&A session that’ll satisfy your appetite: Sarah Flores: Keeping it Real (Q&A) 

sarah flores


11 comments on “Home

  1. Trena says:

    Sorry the website is actually trenasadventures.wordpress.com 😉

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  2. I saw that you had put me in your circles on Google+ and I followed the link to your website here. Enjoy what I see here, I hope to keep reading. Hope I keep you entertained as well, I am on the slow curve currently but I have hundreds fictional stories posted here on WordPress.

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  3. Hello, Sarah. Great meeting you at the critique group the other night. I’m getting used to this whole media thing. I’m excited to see you so far along. Go, Sarah, go!!!
    Curt Locklear

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  4. Nice to meet you, Sarah! Thank you for the blog follow 😊

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  5. Sarah, I always enjoy reading your posts! I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I was nominated by a sister blogger and now I’m passing it on to you to do with what you will. Find out more about it on my blog at http://wp.me/p1IcOU-1jc.

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