Work on Your Writing Career, Even When You’re Not Writing

What’s that you say? You’re not writing? You should be working on your craft!

We should always be working on our writing careers, even when we’re not writing.  Read my guest post for The Working Writer’s Club to find some simple ways to do this:





5 Ways to Force Yourself to Write

Writing every day isn’t easy, but as they say, anything worth doing usually isn’t. We all have our go-to excuses: No time, too many distractions, even fear. Remember, though, there is value in every moment you sit down and put pen to paper, or keyboard to screen. The truth is, sometimes you will have to force yourself to write.

Here’s how:

how to force yourself to write

Guest post for

5 Ways to Create a Motivational Writing Space

5 Ways to Create a Motivational Wri

Once a month, I write a motivational article at owned by Suzanne Lieurance. She provides writers with invaluable tips and resources.

Last month, I wrote about 5 Ways to Create a Motivational Writing Space. Check it out!

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